Guitars, piano, percussion, textures.

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“GeoffreyArmes has made me sound like chocolate”
“Just had my 2nd awesome experience with Geoffrey Armes and his magical studio of sonic delight. Two complete musical arrangements, a sense that he wouldn't rest until I was completely happy, and some subtle "holding me back" from my more questionable arrangement desires. Recommended...with heels on!”

—Tess Savigear– sistersavage
“Geoffrey's deep musical sensibility informs all of his recording and production decisions. I have recorded complete songs with Geoffrey and overdubbed keyboards on songs I had tracked at other studios. The experience always broadened my perspective of whatever music I was working on. The keyboards for two songs on my Careless Truth CD were recorded at Armes Studio as well as a great piano part that Geoffrey played on another song. Geoffrey is professional, reliable, talented and easy to work with.”

—Kevin McLeod – mcleodmusic
“The musicianship of Geoffrey Armes is complimented by wonderful creativity and top-notch recording equipment. Give Geoffrey specific instructions for the sound you envision, and he will reproduce it. Give him the opportunity to play what he thinks sounds best, and he will amaze you. He deserves the highest of recommendations.”

—Blake Harrington –
“Geoffrey is a professional, talented and prompt producer. He's also extremely pleasant to work with. I'm very pleased with the final product, a remix he did for my song Afterglow.”

“I've been thrilled for many years to teach with Geoffrey making music for my classes, and his recordings capture the creativity, variety and beauty of those alive and vivid times. Geoffrey's latest CD, Stretch and Breathe 2/Berlin Dance Works is as provocative as always and gives us space for thought and movement. The instrumentation creates wonderful voices and moods, and the variety of rhythms is terrific. The work he's done with Helen Hansen with dance in mind, provides a broad palette for formal class teaching and for individual experimentation.“

—Christine Dakin –
“Geoffrey Armes did a lot more than just add a few nice parts to my tracks…he transformed them. His deep knowledge of middle-Eastern and African rhythms coupled with the fact that he actually plays percussion took the songs way outside the usual loop-based, ho-hum conga/shaker vibe into a unique magical feel that makes everyone sit up and take notice. The keyboard and guitar parts Geoffrey created were great…well-recorded and well-played with the same unique sense of rhythm as the percs, but with the addition of his keen harmonic ear and some very tasteful melodies and counter-melodies. All the sounds and textures were top notch and well placed, enhancing the tracks without hi-jacking them. All this done in a professional manner and pretty darn fast! Highly recommended!”

—Tom Desisto, producer/owner of Desisto Music –
“Geoffrey Armes is a pro and a pleasure to work with. When I was recording “The Second Took Even Longer” with my band, we wanted something extra for two of the songs and Geoffrey was recommended to me. He gave me several different musical ideas to work with in a very short period of time via the internet which made it even faster and easier to use. His contributions really made those songs stand out for me.”

—Kathy Fleischman –